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A Brief History of Real Property

History Of Real Property


As we all know, since America's early settlement days, it has existed as a great melting pot. Diverse groups of people have come from various countries, with their nations' ideas, looking to implement them within the United States, if deemed as beneficial. Similarly, such has occurred with real property laws, which initially were derived from the feudalism era. The ownership of property, how to acquire it, how to confiscate it, all were derived from the feudal era, which occurred during the chaotic dark ages. As time went on, certain laws were tweaked while others were abolished. Law is very similar to fashion due to the fact that, as time goes on, they change in order to meet the needs of the public and to ensure fairness and justice has been served.

Legal Holdings

The federal and state governments have established laws so that the two powers do not conflict or contradict each other. The federal law oversees that the constitution is not being violated, and if any loophole is found, a clause will be established. On the other hand, the state governs by statutes and court rulings, which are to abide by the constitution, making sure that it is being enforced. There are various sources of law, which are created by the rulings and establishments of the governing powers to make sure everything is acquirable by the public, so there is no room for negligence in reference to the legal aspects of real property.

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