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Contact with Seller, Purchaser, and Broker

Contact With Seller Purchaser And Broker

On the road to closing a real estate transaction, there are 3 courses of action you must take. These are acquiring of a survey, title examination and satisfaction of loans and liens.

Loans and Liens

Prior to continuing towards completion of the closing process, loans and liens must be adequately dealt with. It is important that you know that the processes of acquiring such information must be handled with great care. Whether by phone or by written communication, steps must be followed in order to ensure that you are acquiring the appropriate information from the appropriate sources. Be ready to take note of who you are talking to as well as the dates of communication.

Extra preparation is required when in contact with the federal government, in particular, such as in necessary when concerning the acquisition of federal and state tax liens. Satisfaction of all loans and liens is vital to the unhindered continued closing of your real estate transaction.

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