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How To Control Gentrification

Control Of Gentrification

Attempts at controlling gentrification take place by those, for, and against it. While many view gentrification as a positive, and it can be, others view it as the destruction of their neighborhood. Residents fighting against gentrification form organizations that fight against gentrification by way of protests as well as the contacting of their local governments.

These organizations make sure their message does not go unheard. Despite their best efforts, gentrification often wins out and community organizers are forced to leave along with their fellow neighbors. Zoning laws help remaining residents following gentrification. When new housing units are built they often must offer homes to low income residents. This is similar to rent control which prevents rents from increasing based on the landlords needs. Mixed-income housing helps neighborhood maintain a mix of poor, middle class and upper class residents. High concentrations of any class are avoided.

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