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Saving the World With Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

Due to the growing concern over the environment in recent years, environmental protection laws have been created to protect the varying ecosystems of the United States. These laws were set to promote a better environment for tomorrow's generations, by the people of today. It is with the prevention of harmful activities and pollution to our environment that we can secure a safe and bright future for our children, and their children as well.

Some of the laws set for environment protection can deal with the overall construction of new property and where it can and cannot take place. For example, in an area limited with forests, there may be laws preventing developers from building a condominium complex where there is a significant amount of woodlands. This is due to the scarcity of forest area as well as to promote a "green" zone for that area with a valuable source of plant life for the residents and the atmosphere.

There are environmental protection laws that prevent people from building onto endangered property. One of these examples is the laws protecting the preservation of the wetland areas. This is in direct relation to the benefit the wetlands provide to wildlife as well as to our air and overall environment. Keeping the number of existing wetlands high will benefit all organisms of the broader environment. As a result of their nonexistence, in the past, people disregarded such things as environmental protection laws.

Thanks to organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency, we can credit the awareness given to the general public today. Along with other agencies and organizations, the EPA can enforce their laws and oversee certain tasks permitted on specific grounds or near them to assure that there is no harm done to the area they intend to protect.

The EPA also has taken a step further into the protection of the environment by setting regulations to commercial properties that deal with fuels and harmful substances and their containment and disposal. This can relate to auto mechanic shops, gas stations, certain factories, etc.. Some of these places have storage tanks underground that can be vulnerable to decay over time-that is why only specific tanks can be used that are made up of the components stated in the clear environmental protection laws.

The laws also prevent such liquids from being disposed of into the ground, or water sources and contaminating them. In essence, dumping into the ground can contaminate ground water that can travel to water sources as well. The EPA is extremely strict with these regulations, and will provide the necessary sanctions and penalties to anyone that comes in violation of such regulations and standards. The environmental protection laws do not only relate to commercial property, but also to residential land.

Along with the disposal of particular products, these laws may regulate the use of certain paints on a home or items outside of a home. It is wise to become acquainted with laws designed to promote environment protection, and to follow them accordingly.

For a long period of time, people have neglected the environment and gone about their business carefree, some not realizing the potential damage they could have on the ecosystems. The EPA decided it was time to enforce such rules and regulations by setting environmental protection laws to take care of our environment. These laws have helped to improve the quality of the environment today, and for the future to come.

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