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What Can Eminent Domain Lawyers Help With?

Eminent Domain Lawyers

Eminent domain lawyers exist for both parties in cases related to the matter. The private owner of a property may hire an eminent domain lawyer to defend their case against the call for the procedure over their property. The government will invariably also have a team of lawyers to argue their case and reasonable cause over the property in question. These lawyers specialize in all matters dealing with eminent domain laws, and the rights of both parties, and all possible outcomes.

Eminent domain lawyers can represent a private owner of a property to defend their argument over the government's actual intention over that land or the cost offered as a compensation over that land. It is wise for a home, business, or land owner to find a highly qualified attorney to defend them should they find themselves in such a situation. Since they are up against a government, whether federal, state, or local, they can expect to face an extremely qualified and experienced attorney on the other end.

Stepping into that court room alone, or with a poorly qualified candidate as an attorney, can result in an easy win for that government as the owner. Eminent domain lawyers can help a property owner portray that the government does not have reasonable cause as to declare their land as eminent domain. This can result in the case of perhaps an unnecessary structure, or a structure that proves to be not only for public use, but perhaps for profit as well.

The examples can be a statue or office building, a sports facility/stadium, or a street that for convenient access rather than crucial. Additionally, the government may offer the owner a low market value for their property rather than a fair one, and this would also present a conflict. In this case the lawyer, along with extensive real estate research, would argue for the owner to prove that the cost offered was insufficient and unfair to cover the true cost of the property. In some cases, the lawyer may argue for the sake of eminent domain abuse.

On the other end, the government utilizing land for eminent domain, will also need to have their attorneys on hand in case of a conflict with the property owner. These eminent domain lawyers will argue or defend the government's exercising of power over eminent domain, and reiterate their intentions for public use. They must present all reasonable evidence to show how the land will benefit the general public and is essential to the area or community.

Within cases that deal with cost conflict, the attorneys must defend the cost offered by the government as a sufficient amount seen as 'fair' in comparison with market value. The government usually hires the best possible eminent domain lawyers to either present or defend their case and stand in it. They do so to avoid a loss in an eminent domain cause which could affect the credibility and reputation of the pertaining local, state, or federal government. Eminent domain lawyers are essential to both parties in a matter.

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